The OOLa Lab At SmartCity Asia 2024

Joliflair is immensely proud to be the inaugural perfume company to partake in SmartCity Asian 2024, courtesy of the AI Perfume solution developed with The OOla Lab brand. This marks a groundbreaking milestone as the first company in Asia to integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the realm of perfumery.

The fusion of AI and perfume represents a harmonious bridge between the future and tradition. By utilizing AI technology, we have unlocked the capability to craft personalized fragrance formulas tailored to each individual, thereby evoking profound emotions and connections. This innovative approach not only revolutionizes the perfume industry but also aligns seamlessly with the ethos of SmartCity living.

In the landscape of SmartCity initiatives, this integration exemplifies a smart and sophisticated lifestyle where technology enriches tradition. Empowering individuals to curate their own signature scent through AI not only enhances personal expression but also fosters a sense of belonging and uniqueness within the urban fabric. Joliflair is honored to contribute to this vision of a smarter, more personalized future, one scent at a time.